Mandeep Kaur

The Law Offices of Mandeep Kaur, P.C., with an office in Bronx, New York is a corporate law firm engaged in the general practice of law, with an emphasis on lender representation, real estate law, and general business law.

The Firm provides a wide range of legal services to business entities and individual business owners, including retail lending institutions, mortgage banks, mortgage brokers, real estate investment and development companies, individual purchasers and sellers of real estate, not-for-profit companies and individual real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

Mandeep Kaur

Law Offices of Mandeep Kaur

3548 East Tremont Avenue

Bronx, NY 10465

Phone (347) 691-3630

Fax: 347-691-3631


Sardar M. Asadullah 

Sardar M. Asadullah is a London based lawyer who was born and raised in Manchester. He has a Masters in Law.
The Law Office of Sardar M. Asadullah, PLLC specializes in Real Estate Law which includes residential and commercial real estate transactions, and settlement services.


Sardar M Asadullah

Sardar M. Asadullah, PLLC

500 Old Country Road, Suite 103

Garden City, New York 11530

Phone: 516-274-0764

Joy D. Diviny

Joy D. Diviny, Esq.

Law Office of Joy D. Diviny, P.C.

13 North Main Street

Pearl River, New York 1096

phone: 845.839.9822

e-fax: 845.215-0092